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ELEFLEX® Release Guidelines

This page contains information to release guidelines for the ELEFLEX® platform.

Releasing via NuGet

To provide the broadest integration opportunity with the community, NuGet was selected as the default release mechanism for the platform. There is no formal release schedule, however we will make emergency releases for showstopper or high priority issues identified by our community. A list of our available packages can be found at

Reporting an Issue

If you encounter an issue, please log the issue on GitHub located at

Version Numbers

Version numbers are broken down into [Major].[Minor].[Build].[Revision]. The largest major and minor version number of the platform is considered the managed branch.

Major Number

Major version numbers are used when there are major modifications to the system. Reasons may be for refactoring, use of new designs techniques or components, supporting new platforms, etc. More than likely, existing ELEFLEX applications are not upgradeable.

Minor Number

Minor version numbers are used when new functionality is introduced to the system and may or may not contain breaking changes.

Build and Revision Numbers

Build and Revision version numbers are used primarily for bug fixes and new functionality that does not contain any breaking changes.