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Overview and Quickstart

This section contains instructions on using the Eleflex.ModuleGenerator package to generate a complete Visual Studio 2015 solution, projects and code files for a new module.

  1. Install the Eleflex.ModuleGenerator package to your Eleflex.WebServer and navigate to “Admin/ModuleGenerator”
  2. Enter form fields and click “Generate” to download a zip file contains your solution files.
  3. Extract the zip file to a directory and open the solution in Visual Studio 2015. Rebuild the solution to download missing NuGet packages and confirm the build is successful
  4. In the root of the Server project, create a new ADO.NET Entity Data Model with the name from above, as in: [Entity Model Name].edmx
  5. Right click and run all T4 text templates (*.tt) in the Business, Messages, and Server projects.
  6. In the WebServer project, uncomment the WebServerObjectLocationRegistrationTask.cs. Rebuild the entire solution to confirm the build is successful
  7. Create a new web application in your solution, right click the project, select "Manage NuGet Packages" and install the Eleflex.WebServer package. Complete setup of Eleflex.WebServer application and verify working
  8. In the new Eleflex.WebServer application, click "References" and "Add a Reference" to all module projects in the solution
  9. Rebuild and run the new web application. If the module is installed correctly, a default webpage should be available at the URL "/Admin/[Module Name]".