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Package Installed Files

Installing the Eleflex.WebClient or Eleflex.WebServer NuGet packages will modify the Global.asax and web.config files, as well as create several files in your web application. These files are used to configure the application to work with the platform and to start and stop it.


Both packages will update the Global.asax.cs file to add platform specific logic.

App_Start/Eleflex_Start Folder

The main differences between the Eleflex.WebClient and Eleflex.WebServer startup tasks is usually object location configurations. WebClient applications will register services that use ServiceRepository objects for service communication, whereas WebServer applications will register services that use BusinessRepository objects for direct access to data.

Web.config EleflexService.svc

This WCF service file is added to the root of the Eleflex.WebServer application and exposes the platform’s WCF service commands for all modules.

Content Folder Controllers Folder Images/ProductionReady Folder

This contains Production Ready® images used for the default web application.

Scripts Folder Views Folder