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Create an Eleflex.WebServer Application

Follow the steps below to create a new Eleflex.WebServer application.

  1. Open Microsoft Visual Studio 2015 and create a new ASP.NET Web Application (Empty Template)
  2. Right click your web application in the solution explorer and select "Manage NuGet Packages for Solution", search for "Eleflex.WebServer" and install the package.
    • When prompted to overwrite any files, select “Yes to All”
  3. Right click your web application in the solution explorer, select "Properties" and go to the "Web" tab on the left. Copy the port number of your web application.
    • Update the web.config file for the system.servicemodel/client/endpoint address. Change the "localhost:16185" to be your web application's port number.
  4. Open Microsoft SQL Management Studio and create a new database. Update the web.config file to change the connection string to connect to the database you just created.
  5. Change the web.config file for the appSettings key of “EleflexImpersonateSystemToken” to be any new value.
    • This allows system admin impersonation over services. This key should be changed before publishing your application.
  6. Rebuild your web application and run it. The first user to register with the system receives the Admin role to administer the system.
    • Go to the Login page and click the “Register New User” link. Enter your information and you will be logged in as an Admin of the system.