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ELEFLEX® V3 Developer Resources

Welcome to the ELEFLEX® Developer Resources! This area contains detailed information on the design of the platform and other related information.

Download Documentation

You can use our website to read about the ELEFLEX® platform or download the design document to read on your own time. Download at GitHub!


This section details the requirements for the software platform.

Organization Requirements
Architecture Requirements
Module and Feature Requirements


This section outlines the major design considerations of the platform as well as provide sample code on usage.

N-Tiered Design
System Startup, Startup Tasks and Registration Tasks
Inversion of Control, Dependency Injection and Service Location
Object Mapping
Service-Oriented Architecture and Exposing Services
Layered Repository Design
Dynamic Querying Over Service Boundaries
Transaction Usage and Unit of Work
Business Rules and Events
MVC Page Routing and Embedded Web Applications
Web Server, Web Client and Scaling
Deployment and Scaling Considerations
Code Generation and Customization Considerations
Application NuGet Packages
All NuGet Open Source Project References

Module Design

This section outlines an ELEFLEX Module that integrates with the platform.

Using Eleflex.Email Module as an Example
Module Assemblies
Database Tables and Entity Model
T4 Text Templates Generate Needed Files
Embedded Web Application
Configuring Startup and Registration Tasks
Patches for Integration and System Updates
NuGet Packaging

NuGet Packages

This section contains an overview of each of the NuGet packages available.

Eleflex Package
Eleflex.Messages Package
Eleflex.Storage.EntityFramework Package
Eleflex.Server Package
Eleflex.Web Package
Eleflex.WebClient Package
Eleflex.WebServer Package

Implementation Details

This section outlines implementation details of the NuGet packaged applications.

Create an Eleflex.WebServer Application
Create an Eleflex.WebClient Application
Package Installed Files
Web Processes
Configuring an Eleflex.WebServer for Azure

Creating a new ELEFLEX Module

This section contains instructions on using the Eleflex.ModuleGenerator package to generate a complete Visual Studio 2015 solution, projects and code files for a new module.

Overview and Quickstart
Generating the Module Template
Add the Entity Data Model to Run the T4 Text Templates
Verifying Module Setup

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Customizing views from embedded web applications. Ex: Changing the login page.

Release Documentation
View release notes for the follwing releases:
Reporting an Issue
Have you found an issue or unexpected behavior? Let us know! Please report all issues on GitHub located at
Or send us an email at
Download Source Code
ELEFLEX is released under GNU GPL license. You can download the complete source code, branch or make changes at
Available Eleflex Modules
The following modules have been developed to help jumpstart your next project. If you have developed a module you would like listed, please send us an email or feedback.
  • Eleflex.Email
    • This module provides table storage and a processor to queue and send emails for fault tolerence.
  • Eleflex.Lookups
    • This module provides a generic lookup table that can be used for all lookup values in your module.